Top Places To Visit In Jizan Flaunting Stunning Nature And Rich Heritage (2023)

Jizan is a port city located in the southwest region of Saudi Arabia. It lies to the west of Abha on the coast of the Red Sea. There are 100 beautiful islands in Jizan open for tourists to explore. The natural beauty in and around Jizan is what makes it so popular a destination. Situated at a distance of 3.5 km from Jizan, Jizan Regional Airport is the nearest airport to the city. The airport provides flight connectivity from many destinations, making it easier for travelers to reach Jizan. Jizan is a complete tourist destination with many historical sites, islands, beaches, mountains, and shopping malls. Tourists flood in from various parts of the world to experience the most beautiful places to visit in Jizan.

Tourist places to visit in Jizan – Islands and beaches

1. Farasan Island

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The island is a marine sanctuary with incredible biodiversity. It is popular for its mangrove forests and vibrant parrotfishes. Nature lovers enthusiastically explore the island and enjoy the adventure. It is ideal for people who love diving as there are many dive spots in Farasan Island, such as Marmar, Dohra, Shib Ammar, Gorgonian Point and Dannak. The people who are into history or wildlife also appreciate the beautiful Island. For convenience, it is recommended to book the ticket from the ferry station at the Jazan Port one day before the visit.

2. Golden Beach

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A rather secluded beach, it is a perfect place to experience the serenity of nature. The beach has some of the best coral reefs found in the Red Sea. One can also indulge in various adventurous activities that the place has to offer, such as diving, snorkeling, swimming, and many more.

3. Al Shuqaiq Beach

One of the most pleasing tourist places in Jizan, Al Shuqaiq beach is located at a distance of 150 kilometers from Jizan City. It is an amazing vacation spot for people of any age group. There is a corniche near the beach where the kids can indulge in playful activities. People also visit the beach during the nighttime to embrace the night lights that add greatly to the beauty of the beach. Moreover, the beach also hosts some incredible festivals, such as the Entertainment Festival, a 45-day event that includes awe-inspiring circus shows and entertainment areas.

Tourist attractions in Jizan – Nature and landscapes

4. Al Khoubah Hot Springs

A popular tourist attraction in Jizan, Al Khoubah Hot Springs is a must-visit in the city. It lies 75 kilometers from the city center. Tourists can hop into the warm water and de-stress their body and mind. Additionally, one can also take advantage of all the natural minerals found inside the spring water. The maximum temperature of the Al Khoubah Hot Springs is 45 degrees Celsius.

5. Fayfa Mountains

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These lovely mountains are nestled near the town of Fifa in the Jizan District of southwest Saudi Arabia. The mountains are said to be a ‘neighbor of the moon’ and a ‘heaven on earth. The mountain features beautiful greenery owing to the adequate rainfall in the area. After reaching the top of the mountain, tourists witness a gorgeous scenic view. Hiking enthusiasts are highly recommended to visit these adventure-infused mountains.

6. Wadi Lajab

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It is an impressive valley that produces more freshwater than any other valley in Saudi Arabia. It is a canyon that is around 5 kilometers long and 3 to 30 kilometers wide. Wadi Lajab is infiltrated by streams that carve a narrow path between two large mountains. It offers some incredible and breathtaking spots.

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Jizan tourist spots – History and culture

7. Turks Castle

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It is a historical site present on a mountain in the center of Jizan, in southern Saudi Arabia. The total area covered by Turks Castle is around 900 meters and is surrounded by four enormous towers. It is at an estimated height of 150 meters above sea level. Located on the top of Jizan Mountain, the castle offers a wonderful view.

8. Jizan Heritage Village

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Located on southern Jizan Corniche, the village offers its visitors live symbols showing the region’s different cultures, and change in environments and terrains with passing times. It also preserves the area’s heritage and archaeological treasures.

9. Al Qassar Village

This village in the Farasan Islands is the largest palm oasis in the region. The historical buildings of the village are made from stone and palm groves. It is an ideal vacation spot for history lovers featuring plenty of wells and historical architecture.

Jizan attractions – Places to visit with family and kids

10. Al Khazzan Park

It is easily a perfect excursion destination for families. Al Khazzan Park is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Jizan, and is right next to a 40-meter tall traditional water tank. It offers mind-blowing landscapes, shaded footpaths, a separate playground for kids and a sitting area. The park also has numerous open areas where one can sit and experience the calm nature while enjoying the peaceful sunset.

11. Awqat Saeeda Theme Park

It is a family amusement park present in the adventurous city of Jizan. More precisely, it is nestled in the far southwestern part of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the west of the region on the coast of the Red Sea. The park maintains a serene environment for the people who want to relax in the tranquillity of nature. The theme park also features cafes and restaurants inside the premises offering a wide variety of high-quality food.

12. Al Rashid Mall

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Visit here to explore numerous stores, cafes, boutiques, and branded stores. The mall also offers entertainment options including arcade, toyland, and ice-skating rink.

13. Kadi Mall

The Mall features some of the most prominent international brands making it an amazing shopping spot. The mall is conveniently located on Prince Mohammed Bin Nasser Road.

14. Explore the Souq

Jizan offers multiple souqs where you can find a wide range of handmade products. The city offers malls filled with international brands, but it also offers Souqs or street markets. The best days to visit this market are during the weekends and on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Best time to visit Jizan

Jizan weather

Being a desert city, Jizan has a dry and hot weather in summers. Moreover, winters also see ample sunshine with warm temperatures. Hence, tourists have a limited window from December to February to explore this mystical Jizan tourist spots.

Jizan temperature

The average high during summers can range from 40 to 45 degrees Celsius while the minimum in summers is around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Further, the average high during winters ranges from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius with the minimum ranging between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.

With beautiful natural getaways and engaging city spots for tourists, Jizan caters to a broad itinerary. The city is most visited for its rich culture and relaxing environment. The various Jizan tourist spots are well-connected with paved roads and highways, offering a hassle-free traveling experience.

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Places To Visit In Jizan FAQs

How to reach Farasan Island?

The ferry from Jizan is the only way to get to Farasan Island.

Are there any good restaurants or eating outlets in Jizan?

Yes, there are many restaurants and cafes in this beautiful city. Tourists can try different cuisines and dishes at restaurants like Happy Times Restaurant, Ocean Basket Jazan, and Figaro Coffee.

Are there luxurious accommodations in Jizan?

Yes, there are many affordable and luxurious hotels like Novotel Jazan, Radisson Blu Resort Jizan, and Rfaya Hotel.

Why is Jizan famous?

Jizan is popularly known for the high-quality production of tropical fruits like mango, papaya, and figs.

Which are the popular shopping complexes in Jizan?

Renowned shopping complexes in Jizan include Al Rashid Mall, Kadi Mall, and Jizan Souq.

What is the Jizan to Riyadh distance?

The distance between Jizan and Riyadh is around 1140 km.

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