Hiking in Teton Village (2023)

Start at the base of Teton Village or ride up our gondola to access hiking trails that will transport you high above the valley to stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountain range. Hike through wildflower-covered fields and rugged mountain terrain to experience the best views in Jackson Hole — all within the resort's boundaries. Cool off and grab a bite to eat at one of our several hike-to restaurants includingPiste Mountain Bistro,The Deck @ PisteandOff-Piste.

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Top of the World


Cirque Trail


Rock Springs Loop


Cody Bowl


Green River Overlook


Lower Faces Loop


Wildflower Trail


Hoback Trail


Casper Ridge Loop


Holey Moley


Seven Bridges Trail


Saratoga Trail


Valley Trail

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Top of the World

This hike is recommended for anyone who wants to experience the mountain but has very limited time.

Distance: 0.5 miles round trip

Difficulty: EASY

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Top 5 Hikes in Jackson Hole

As a resort nestled within Bridger-Teton National Forest, right on the border of Grand Teton National Park, we are blessed with a beautiful alpine environment. This rugged mountain terrain provides stunning vistas and a wide range of trails for hikers of all abilities.

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Tram Trails

The Aerial Tram offers a unique hiking experience unlike any other in the Jackson Hole area. Ascending 4,139' in just 12 minutes, the tram leaves hikers at 10,450' among the high peaks of the Southern Tetons. From here you are free to access a vast trail network connecting Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Bridger-Teton National Forest, and Grand Teton National Park - all while avoiding the 4,000+ foot climb to the top. Enjoy your time at the top for photos and hiking, and catch the tram back down, they come every 15 minutes during operating hours. Don't forget to stop intoCorbet's Cabin and pick up a world-famous waffle to end your day.

Top of the World Cody Bowl Cirque Trail
Lower Faces Loop Green River Overlook
Rock Springs Loop

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Bridger Gondola Trails

Enjoy panoramic views of Jackson Valley and the surrounding mountains from any of the trails leading up to or starting at Bridger Gondola. Begin at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort on the Wildflower Trail to experience nearly 5 miles of scenic trail ending at Rendezvous Lodge. Take on either Casper Ridge Loop or the Cirque Trail to enjoy views starting at 9,095 feet, both ending back at the top of Bridger Gondola where you can enjoy a refreshing drink at The Deck @ Piste.

Wildflower Trail Cirque Trail
Casper Ridge Loop*

*NOTE: Please be aware of undetonated explosives from winter avalanche hazard reduction work on these trails. If you come in contact with a 'D.U.D.' please follow this emergency protocol.

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Teewinot Trails

Start from the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village to take advantage of our lower mountain trails. The Seven Bridges Trail and Saratoga Trail are ideal for anyone looking to take on an enjoyable hike at a lower elevation.

Seven Bridges Trail Saratoga Trail

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Sweetwater Trails

Enjoy scenic views and watch bikers go huge in the bike park down below, as you take the Sweetwater Gondola from the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village to the mid-point of the Wildflower Trail. Hike up the scenic Wildflower Trail to grab some food and drinks at Rendezvous Lodge or opt for a steep and strenuous hike up Holey Moley.

Wildflower Trail Holey Moley

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Grand Teton National Park

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort shares a boundary with Grand Teton National Park (GTNP), and we encourage all our guests to experience this incredible natural environment. Park your car, strap on your pack and head out on trails into the heart of GTNP.

We strongly encourage you to have a detailed trail guide book and topographical map if planning on heading into GTNP.

Teton Crest Trail
A must-do hike for any backpacker, the Teton Crest Trail starts at Teton Pass and follows the ridgelines through Teton Village all the way to Mt. Moran at the north end of GTNP. Jump start your Teton Crest Trail experience with a ride on the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram, avoiding the initial 4,139 feet uphill hike, to meet the trail at the top of Rendezvous Mountain. The trail follows the high crest through wildflower meadows, around glacial lakes and directly to panoramic views. Backpackers can end their adventure at a number of different locations depending on the desired length of the trip. This is a true wilderness adventure and an experience of a lifetime. However, it requires extensive backcountry experience, endurance and skills. If you are not up for a multi-day hike*, check out Marion Lake and Granite Canyon for day hike options in GTNP.

Marion Lake
This hike starts at the summit of Rendezvous Mountain and makes its way up through alpine and sub-alpine terrain to Marion Lake in GTNP. This is a great overnight in the backcountry*. Trail distance is 12.5 miles roundtrip, requiring 7 hours and 4,250 feet total vertical rise.

Granite Canyon
From the top of the tram, take this strenuous hike down into Granite Canyon's alpine forest in GTNP, ending at the Teton Village base area; or hike from bottom to top for an uphill challenge. Trail distance is 11 miles one way, requiring 7 hours and 4,100 feet total vertical rise/descent. You can avoid the Valley Trail hike to Teton Village by arranging a shuttle from Teton Village to the Granite Canyon trailhead.

Valley Trail
The most moderate of them all, the Valley Trail originates in the Teton Village base area and traverses along relatively flat terrain to Phelps Lake, adjacent to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve in GTNP. The trail winds through alpine forests that are home to local wildlife such as bears, moose and marmots and provide great views of the valley. The hike ends at the shores of Phelps Lake and provides an ideal spot for picnicking and swimming. Trail distance is 5.1 miles one way, requiring 2-3 hours and minimal vertical rise. The Ranch Lot is the best place to park for this hike. Shuttle a car to your destination if you only want to hike one way.

*All backcountry camping requires a permit and park-approved bear canister. These can be obtained at GTNP ranger stations or visitor centers.

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Quick Access to High Alpine Hiking

via the Tram and gondolas

You don't have to hike up the entire mountain to access the exciting trails of the upper mountain. The Aerial Tram opens up a whole new world of hiking experiences unlike any others in the Jackson Hole area. Ascending 4,139 feet in just 12 minutes, the tram leaves hikers at 10,450 feet, among the high peaks of the southern Tetons. Purchase a sightseeing ticket for breathtaking views and quick access to the high alpine.

Hiking in Teton Village (10)

Hike to restaurants

Fuel up mid-hike with delicious food from one of our on-mountain dining options. Hike up Cirque Trail to Corbet's Cabin for our world-famous "Top of the World" waffles. Or, hike up the beautiful wildflower trail, or down from the top of the Aerial Tram to Rendezvous Lodge, for drinks on The Deck or food from Piste Mountain Bistro or Off-Piste Market.

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Trail Starts Here Challenge Recap

The Trail Starts Here Challenge returned this Summer and the stakes were higher than ever. Each week runners and hikers had the chance to compete for new trail running shoes from a select GORE-TEX partner. In addition, GORE-TEX Brand also awarded each male and female season-long winner with $1,000 to a JHMR retailer! Read more to view the results.

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Breaking the One-Hour Record at the Rendezvous Mountain Hillclimb

We are excited to host the 10th anniversary of the most demanding hillclimb event in the west on Saturday, August 6! Starting at the base of the Bridger Gondola, runners will ascend our steep slopes over 4,000 vertical feet and once again finish at the summit of Rendezvous Mountain. This annual, non-profit race is run in honor of our friend and longtime Aerial Tram mechanic Chris Onufer (Captain "X"), who on March 7, 2012 tragically passed away in an avalanche. Keeping the spirit of running alive for future generations, we donate 100% of the proceeds to the trails division of Friends of Pathways, all in Chris' name.

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Top 5 Family Activities in Jackson Hole

A family vacation to Jackson Hole during summertime can be a life-changing experience. There are so many different activities to do and abundant natural beauty to see; maximizing your time here is imperative to creating lasting memories. There are so many activities for your entire family to enjoy and we’ve compiled our top five to help your decision-making process easier. There’s no better place than the Tetons to grow your little ones’ adventurous spirit. Keep reading to find out more!

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Top 5 Things To Do in Jackson Hole This Summer

Exploring Jackson Hole in the summertime is an amazing way to experience the Tetons in all their glory. With so much going on in the area during the summer months, we know it’s difficult to decide which activities to do. If you’re visiting the area and aren’t already planning to visit us in Teton Village, take a moment to read below and allow us to guide you on an unforgettable adventure. After all, adventure is what summer in the Tetons is all about.

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